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Chapter Eleven: Arrival



After ten years of writing, a year of editing, and enough stress to make me go bald all over again, it is finally here.

I have published my novel “When the Stars Fade.”

First and foremost, I should acknowledge that I am self-publishing, a route which may cause some concern. The truth it, after a year of reaching out to publishers and agents, I was really burned on the experience. Considering how many authors are having success with the solo option, I opted to forgo the usual path.

And it has been great.

Sales are picking up on Amazon, reviews are coming in, and I am overwhelmed by the support of the ever-growing writer community.

I’m allowing everyone to download the first three chapters free from my website. Click here and grab yours now!

And, if you would like, you can purchase it from Amazon as well.

Most importantly, if you have any questions about the self-publishing game or any of the trials and tribulations I’ve been through, just ask.

Next up for this blog…the sequel!


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